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Leveraging Pollution

Getting the best pollution coverage possible is as important to our insureds as it is to UCPM. UCPM’s goal is to find the best coverage options for the specific insured and make the sale as easy as possible for our agent. Recently one of our brokers, Vernon Mackey, was able to help our agent sell the pollution coverage and win a big account.

An aggregate sand mining company was shopping coverage for one of their Florida sites. After comparing a quote from UCPM and a quote from another agent’s carrier, they were leaning towards the other agent’s quote because they believed they were getting a better deal.

Vernon reviewed both our carrier’s and the competitor's policy forms meticulously and found multiple errors made by the other agent. He then drafted an email detailing all the errors and correcting the information. Afterwards he spent an hour on a conference call with our agent and the insured discussing options and further explaining why our quote provided better coverage for what really mattered for their type of operation. For example, sand mines can have a higher risk of silica exposure, and the other agent’s quote had a Silica Exclusion while ours did not. Ultimately, the insured chose to go with UCPM’s quote, winning our agent the pollution coverage and the account.

By winning the pollution coverage, our agent was also able to win all other lines with more than ten times the commission. UCPM is able to help our agents win bigger deals more often because the brokers on our team, such as Vernon, take the time to carefully review policies and individually explain what type of coverage can be of the most benefit to the specific insured.

Bidding with CERC

Bidding as a Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor (CERC) is a great way for your client to stand out and win more bids. Recently one of our agents assisted a general contracting company in finding pollution coverage. Denise Cox, one of our brokers at UCPM, helped the agent find optimal coverage and afterwards let them know that they qualified to get certified, and what the benefits of getting their CERC certificate would be.

The general contracting company needed pollution coverage that included Silt & Sediment coverage, and Transportation Pollution Liability Endorsement. Denise presented two quotes from two different carriers that included the requested options. The agent was leaning towards the first quote, but was concerned the other might have better coverage. Denise compared both quotes and found a few more enhancements in the second quote. She went back to the underwriter of the preferred quote and was able to negotiate to get those enhancements added on.

After binding the preferred policy, our agent was informed that their client qualified to become CERC certified due to their policy. Additionally, as a policyholder with UCPM, this certification program was offered at no additional cost. Denise worked with Environmental Risk Professionals to send over helpful information, including a step-by-step flyer outlining the steps to be certified as requested by the agent. Ultimately, the company decided to get started with their CERC certification.

Obtaining a CERC certification is one more step towards standing out above the competition. Our agent’s client will now have pollution protection practices in place, and is better prepared against pollution claims. UCPM’s brokers, such as Denise Cox, are able to help our agents and insureds succeed along the entire way, from obtaining optimal quotes to getting started on a CERC certification.

Persistence Pays Off

One of UCPM’s agents recently had success in obtaining Contractors Pollution Liability insurance for an industrial company, due largely in part to the hard work of one of our brokers, Ryan Noble.

The company had a large transportation project coming up and required $50 million of Project Specific Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL). The agent had already received quotes from two different carriers for two layers of coverage overall, but was hoping to find coverage with a lower premium for one or both layers.

Ryan reached out to three different carriers, who all declined to offer coverage. After obtaining further information from the agent showing lower risk for the project than previously thought, Ryan went back to the three carriers to see if they could reconsider, explaining the risks and helping the underwriters to be more comfortable.

Afterwards, two of the three carriers agreed to quote the coverage. Ryan consistently communicated with all parties along the way, making sure the carriers knew about the urgent turnaround time and promptly sending all information to the agent. Ultimately, both carriers offered quotes with significantly lower premiums than the previous carriers’ quotes. The company decided to bind both layers of coverage they needed with UCPM’s carriers.

UCPM’s agents often win more accounts because our brokers work with the underwriters continuously to find the best coverage and lower premiums, ultimately helping the insured and our agents.

Coverage Analysis

When it comes to placing coverage, cost is not always the biggest factor. Brian Dreyer, one of UCPM’s brokers, was recently able to bind site pollution liability coverage for a company whose biggest concern was ease of doing business and time.

The company had previously shopped coverage with UCPM back in 2017, but ultimately decided to go with another insurer. When they reached out again this year, Brian went even further in helping our agent make sure we would be able to write the account for them.

After receiving quotes from three different carriers, Brian sent a DCAT coverage analysis to the agent to review the quote terms. The company’s current carrier was more costly and included less coverage, but they were still leaning towards staying with that carrier since it would be easier and less timely. The UCPM quote they were considering required a list of contingencies that they did not want to bother with. Rather than giving up, Brian collaborated with another member of UCPM to do a little more research on the contingency list, and they found that the required information was unnecessary. They were able to get the underwriter to waive the requirements and the company proceeded to bind with UCPM.

In addition to getting more coverage and a lower premium, they also benefited from UCPM’s post-binding value added services. Whether the main concern is ease of doing business or cost of premiums, UCPM’s brokers provide valuable service with their dedicated research and commitment to finding the right coverage for the account.

Professional Services

Successfully retaining renewal accounts requires addressing the evolving needs of the insured and the retail agent. Our brokers evaluate a number of factors including any changes in the insured’s position, market shifts and competition on the account. UCPM’s Facilities Team manager, Michelle Fuentez, handled a renewal where she needed to address the insured’s expanding coverage needs and helped the retail agent deliver added value to their client through our environmental consulting services.

The account was for a grocery store operation with expiring Environmental Site Liability coverage on a three-year policy term. The expiring policy covered the chain’s distribution centers, but since coverage had last been written, the insured had become more concerned over their potential disposal liability exposures. They had non-owned disposal liability coverage on expiring, but to effectively address their concerns, coverage needed to extend to all of their grocery store locations as well. To further support the decision to extend coverage to the store locations, Michelle provided our Environmental Risk Overviews to help educate on the additional pollution exposures beyond just the concern for disposal liability.

Michelle was made aware that there would be outside competition on the account and she went to work securing appropriate markets. Michelle fostered a competitive environment on the account and was able to enhance expiring terms with additional coverage at no additional premium including mold, asbestos, lead-based paint and transportation pollution liability. Through her efforts, Michelle provided the retail agent with competitive quotes on both premium and coverage.

With the additional coverage enhancements, subjectivities for Operations & Maintenance plans (O&M) were required for the mold, asbestos and lead-based paint. Through UCPM’s environmental consultant on retainer, Michelle was able to provide the O&M plans at no additional cost, helping the retail agent deliver a significant value to their client.

In the end, not only did the insured secure enhanced coverage for all of their 150 plus locations, but they also implemented important environmental risk management resources that can help reduce the risk for loss on those exposures.

Online Efficiency

One of the valuable benefits to binding coverage with UCPM is the efficiency our online system can deliver. Brian Dreyer, a broker at UCPM, assisted one of our agents with binding their first policy with us by proving how efficiently our online system can provide comprehensive and competitive quotes.

The agent was working on a new business opportunity and was trying to get quotes as quickly as possible for the company. Brian introduced the agent to our innovative online system and helped them create a login so they could immediately begin looking for coverage options.

The agent went ahead and quoted coverage through our online system. Ultimately, our quotes ended up providing the client with significantly more coverage than other quote options that had previously been obtained, while also reducing the premium by 30%. Both the agent and the client were thrilled with the results and bound the policy through us.

Our online system makes it easy for agents to quickly obtain quotes and review coverage options, allowing them to find the best options for their clients. Our brokers, such as Brian Dreyer, go above and beyond to help our agents and insured utilize our valuable technology and help them find the right coverage.

It's in the Details

On many environmental accounts, the difference is in the fine details. Having the expertise and commitment to thoroughly analyze all quote options can make the difference in winning a deal and adequately covering an insured. This came into play recently for one of our brokers, Vernon Mackey, on an Environmental Site Liability account.

Vernon was given the opportunity to work on placing coverage for a large sand mining operation. The insured has multiple mining locations as well as various other site structures for warehousing and office locations. Vernon went to work obtaining quotes for Site Liability coverage that included Products Pollution, Transportation Pollution and Non-owned Disposal Site Liability.

The insured already had coverage in place and had secured several markets through their current agent for their renewal. Premium was important to the insured, but they were not willing to sacrifice coverage to save some money. Vernon left no stone unturned to help best position our agent to win the account from the incumbent competition.

Vernon was able to get competitive terms, and he thoroughly reviewed them along with the insured’s current coverage. He found many areas where our quotes were providing more coverage and pointed out coverage deficiencies in their current policy. With his thorough review, Vernon was also able to negotiate with his underwriter to continue to enhance coverage to ensure the terms best met the insured’s needs.

Vernon’s efforts helped our agent win the deal and get the insured the coverage they were looking to have in place. UCPM’s brokers specialize in environmental insurance and offer the expertise and market leverage to help retail agents effectively place coverage for their insureds.

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