Our Story

UCPM is one of the largest environmental wholesalers in the country, but we began as a family-based business and have held tight to our core-values and integrity every step along the way.

  • Lee Clegg & Construction

    Our story begins with Lee Clegg who grew up in a family construction business in Utah.

  • Opportunities in Arizona 1980-1992

    Lee relocated his family to Arizona to become a controller at a construction company, handling the business insurance needs. Pollution became a hot topic in the industry, and he saw an under-served niche within the insurance world for Environmental Contractors & Consultants.

  • United Commercial Insurance Agency (UCIA) was born 1992

    Lee became the full owner of a retail agency that focused primarily on serving the environmental contractor industry.

  • UCIA became United Commercial Program Managers (UCPM) 1997-2000

    A workers compensation program was developed for Environmental Contractors & Consultants, inspiring Lee toward a program approach that allowed insureds to be apart of the program while retaining their current agent. UCIA became UCPM, as the company held the pen to help transact business on behalf of the insurance carrier. UCPM moved to 100% wholesale relationships, and this helped catapult the company into its current structure of brokering policies.

  • Innovative Technology 2001-2002

    The company’s first online platform was created. Mold was an emerging pollutant at the time, and UCPM launched an online platform to generate pricing for retail agents that included multiple carriers. Today our online platform is much more advanced, but is based on the same principles.

  • First Coverage Analysis 2007

    Tim Clegg, Lee's son, headed a team that put together a comprehensive coverage analysis for a large commercial real estate portfolio. It took 30+ hours to create and was about 13 pages long. The client loved the tool and asked if we could do it on every account. That started what eventually became the Dynamic Coverage Analysis Tool (DCAT) that we use today.

  • Next Generation - Omni-Evolution 2010

    Tim bought out his father’s portion of the company to become the sole owner of UCPM. Lee has continued to innovate in other industries, especially in Africa.

  • Dynamic Coverage Analysis Tool (DCAT) 2013

    Building on the original coverage analysis from 2007, UCPM pioneered a cutting-edge solution for scalable quote coverage analyses. The architects included Tim, Bart Jarman and John Lopez. They produced something so innovative that patents are filed on the technology. It is unmatched in the industry, even today. It makes it easy to evaluate coverage terms in the purchase decision by efficiently delivering a comprehensive analysis report.

  • Leveraging Technology for Pollution Products 2016

    UCPM re-launched a new and improved online platform. An online storage tank platform was launched first and then a comprehensive contractors pollution liability platform. These include multiple offerings from multiple carriers. The platform will support many other online opportunities in the future.

  • Lenders Environmental Program 2019

    Leveraging the online technology they built, UCPM launched a platform for banks/lenders who can manage their lending pollution requirements on a portfolio basis.

  • DCAT Patent 2019

    The US Patent Office granted the patent on the Dynamic Coverage Analysis Tool (DCAT) Technology (patent #10,475,126).

  • Expanding our Expertise Today

    UCPM is focused on continuing an innovative approach to insurance and building unique tools and effective resources to help our clients in their success. Our brokers are committed to education and hold notable insurance designations including:

    • Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU)
    • Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS)
    • Energy Risk & Insurance Specialist (ERIS)
    • Associate in Risk Management (ARM)
    • Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance (ASLI)
    • Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI)
    • Associate in Information Technology (AIT)
    • Associate in Data Analytics (AIDA)
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