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Grow Your Business with UCPM

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, UCPM provides tools and services that can help you stand out with your clients and achieve success in placing environmental insurance. We provide unique resources that can help you:
  • Save time
  • Deliver efficiency
  • Enhance your role as a professional adviser
  • Deliver better value to your customers by expanding coverage and reducing cost
  • Attract new prospects
  • Present environmental insurance to your customers in a way that will make it the first thing you want to discuss with them rather than the last

Environmental Risk Overviews

The most frequent comment we hear is that insureds don’t feel they have any environmental exposures. The reality is, exposures are varied and can be significant. Through our partnership with Environmental Risk Professionals, Environmental Risk Overview (ERO) summaries are available upon request for a wide variety of operations and exposures. Let us help you explain the need for pollution insurance to your client.

Coverage Analysis (DCAT)

UCPM has pioneered a cutting-edge solution for quote coverage analysis. Our patented technology makes it easy to evaluate coverage terms in the purchase decision by efficiently delivering an analysis report that:
  • Identifies coverage issues
  • Explains coverages in lay terms
  • Shows how the quote responds to each issue
  • Provides a side-by-side coverage comparison of quotes

Claims Advocacy

We provide claims advocacy that guides retail agents and their insureds through the claim reporting process. Through our detailed knowledge of the carrier and their coverage, we can be an effective advocate in the insured’s corner and see to it that claims are handled in a professional, fair and timely manner.

Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental insurance is a complex niche, where expertise in environmental risk and regulations matters. UCPM has Environmental Risk Professionals on retainer, who offer extensive experience in environmental engineering and consulting. They assist in getting needed coverage placed, whether it is reviewing site assessment reports to negotiate with underwriters or assisting with regulatory compliance and risk management with O&M or mold plans.

Standards-Driven Service Team

We leveraged technology to create our own proprietary agency management system that catalogs every submission and all details relating to the account. Policy issuance, endorsement requests and broker activities are all managed by a team of dedicated people to ensure activities are handled in a reliable and timely manner.

Surplus Lines Filing Capabilities

Most environmental insurance is written on a surplus lines basis. The surplus lines tax filings, deadlines and license requirements take significant time and can be costly. We take that complexity out of the equation and can file on your behalf in all 50 states.

Market Representation

We have access to around 50 carriers that write environmental insurance, many of whom prefer to work with, or choose to make their products only available to specialty wholesalers like UCPM. You and your client benefit from the competitive environment that we can create by insisting that carriers come to the table with their best offerings.

Market Guide

As one of the leading producers of environmental liability and associated coverages in the country, we are looked to as respected experts in our field. Simply having access to a market doesn’t mean that a risk is being appropriately placed. Our environmental expertise makes the difference in understanding a risk’s exposures and what coverage is needed, and knowing how to navigate the marketplace and get coverage placed. With our position as an industry leader and our relationships with carriers, we can provide the market access and carrier leverage that creates a competitive marketplace for you and your clients.

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