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Tools and Resources

Account Management

Keep up to date with the status of all of your accounts (submitted, quoted, bound) and access any documents provided by UCPM (Quote, DCAT, Policy)

Claims Database

Illustrate the need for coverage from our searchable library of claims examples, scenarios and court cases.

Coverage Analysis

With every quote UCPM will provide you with a detailed coverage analysis to educate your client on coverage issues and how the terms from the carrier respond.

Coverage Comparison

The coverage analysis provides a side-by-side comparison of the quotes presented and helps identify the best option for your client.

Coverage Evaluator

If you are competing for business and have access to the client’s current policy or quote your UCPM rep can provide a detailed list of areas coverage can be improved.


Information at your fingertips on a variety of environmental related topics.


Through UCPM you will have access to all the major environmental and construction professional insurers, including those that work exclusively with wholesalers.

Quick Rater

An online tool that allows you to easily obtain a ballpark indication at any time. Use the indications to provide your client with a number for a bid or qualify your client’s interest in pursuing coverage.

Risk Overview

Environmental exposures are not always readily apparent. UCPM will provide you with a list of exposures specific to the contracting class or property type with each ballpark indication and quote you receive.

Products and Applications

The environmental insurance products are designed to provide your client with the broad coverage they need to adequately protect their business. The applications are fillable and can be used by all carriers to quote.

Online Programs

Exclusive online programs are available to our partners. UCPM’s automated internet-based rating system, allows licensed producers to obtain bindable quotes upon completion of the online app.

UCPM Team of Partners

For over 20 years UCPM has been helping commercial insurance agencies across the country meet the environmental needs of their clients.

You have a whole team of people ready and willing to help.